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Character Name
Full Name Hatae
Kanji 波多江
Furigana はたえ
Personal Info
Age 30
Gender Male
Affiliation National Defense Force (Uji Second Supply Base)
Occupation Captain (Uji Second Supply Base)
Novel Volume 15, Chapter 9

Hatae (波多江) is a Captain of the National Defense Force stationed at the Uji Second Supply Base.

Appearance and Personality

He feels strongly in backing the coalition that is advocating for appeasing the Great Asian Union and in siding with the "Traditionalists".


He had been sheltering Zhou Gongjin from those who had been trying to hunt him. Later on, he let Zhou escape by letting him use his car to leave the base when intruders were detected. [1]

Hatae had been accused of letting enemies into the base at the end of October, but the charge was given leniency after it was detected that his consciousness was under the influence of a Spirit Interference System Magic. He was sentenced to 6 months of salary cut for deploying military’s vehicle to a battle without the instruction of the base commander. [2]


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  2. Volume 16, Chapter 2

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