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Character Name
Full Name Hanabishi
Kanji 花菱
Furigana はなびし
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Yotsuba)
  • Butler
  • Resource Manager
Novel Volume 14, Chapter 1

Hanabishi (花菱) is the second butler and resource manager of the Yotsuba Family.


He is in-charge of fine tuning the scheduling and providing equipment for illegal operations related to magic requested by the Yotsuba Family. Another way to put it would be he was the butler that served as the "Yotsuba’s control tower". [1]


Hanabishi was headhunted from outside the Yotsuba Family. The reason he was chosen is because he was a former serviceman with extensive combat experience even though he has an ordinary capacity for magical power. [2]


  1. Volume 14, Chapter 1
  2. Volume 14, Chapter 5

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