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Grim Reaper
Restricted / Forbidden
Outer-Systematic Mental Interference
Multiple Target
Known Users
Yotsuba Genzou
Related Spells
Poisoned Bees

Grim Reaper (死神の刃) is a Mental Interference Magic unique to Yotsuba Genzou. It plants a specific image within the target's mind, usually one of death. After the target has been exposed, no form of protection, distance, or time will stop the magic. As long as the victim recalls the image, the implanted suggestion will take physical form. Enemies who meet Genzou for a second time would kill themselves. The implantation process does not seem to require a direct meeting, but the final kill does require it. The target has to be aware of the user and the user has to be aware of the target. The only way to survive is getting rid of the memory of the image. [1]


  1. Volume 8, Untouchable - The Nightmare of 2062

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