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Great Asian Alliance

The Great Asian Union (大亜細亜連合 Dai Ajia Rengou (abbr. 大亜連合 Dai A Rengou), lit. The Great Union of Asia) is a sovereign nation in the Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei universe.


The Great Asian Union is made up of territories consisting of modern day China, Dahan, the Korean peninsula, the north of Burma, Vietnam, and Laos. [1] Taiwan managed to stay an independent nation. [citation needed]


  • The Great Asian Union is the country with the most Magicians. [citation needed] Though their Magic Technology lacks due to the loss of the Kunlunfang Institute, which was once their nexus of magical knowledge. [2]
  • They emphasize the restoration of old magics over the advancement of modern magic. [3]
  • After the Yokohama Incident and the Scorched Halloween Incident, it was stated that the Great Asian Union had lost a third of their total fleet. [5]
  • The Great Asian Union doesn't recognize that Liú Yúndé was killed in war. [6]
  • The Great Asian Union reached a cease-fire accord with Japan in December of AD 2095, but then concluded tensions with a peace treaty that both sides signed in March of AD 2096. The South-East Asian League acted as mediator between the two sides during the negotiations. The remunerations Japan got in turn from the conflict were modest due to the devastation suffered by the Great Asian Union at the hands of Japan. [7]


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