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Magic Dismantling or Gram Demolition (術式解体) is a magic that demolishes the record of Magic (Gram).

Gram Demolition is a heavyweight Counter Magic that uses compressed Psion particles to forcibly blow away all the accompanying Activation Sequence and Magic Sequences — anything that has traces of Psions recorded on it. The compressed Psions themselves travel through the physical realm as opposed to the Information Dimension.


Though it is called magic, it is simply a cannonball of Psions that has neither structure nor a Magic Ritual to modify an event, so it is not affected by Zone Interference (another form of counter magic). The pressure of the cannonball also repels the effects of Cast Jamming. It has no physical effects and cannot be hindered by any obstacle.

Besides its short effective range, which is a side effect of the Psions traveling through physical space, Gram Demolition has no true weaknesses. However, because Gram Demolition is a compressed ball of Psions within the physical realm, an excessive Psion Count is needed to activate it and very few people can use it. Mayumi, a powerful magician in her own right, has said her Psion count is not enough to use Gram Demolition.

By further applying Gram Demolition and by creating a durable large mass of Psion's into a signal bullet, he can trace it through Elemental Sight for several days. [1]

Tatsuya used Gram Demolition a few times during the Monolith Code events.

Contact-Type Gram Demolition

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Contact-Type Gram Demolition (接触型術式解体) is an alternate form of Gram Demolition used by Tomitsuka Hagane in his mock battles against Takuma and Tatsuya. Unlike the traditional version that Tatsuya uses, which functions like a cannonball, Contact-type Gram Demolition works like an armor composed of formless Psions, demolishing any magic that comes in contact with the user's body. However, Contact-Type Gram Demolition cannot protect the user from the purely physical effects of an enemy's attacks and thus it is not a true "armor".

This armor of Psions has no structure like Cast Jamming or Magic Sequences, it is immune to Tatsuya's standard Gram Dispersion. as long as it remains formless. Once it assumes any sort of structure, which is necessary when the user attempts to cast magic, it is susceptible to Gram Dispersion. Since the formless cloud of Psions obscures the user, Contact-Type Gram Demolition helps protect the wielder's Eidos. So long as it obscures the wielder's information, Contact-Type Gram Demolition prevents Tatsuya from being able to lock onto the user's molecular structure, protecting the user from Tatsuya's Mist Dispersion.

Far Strike

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Far Strike (遠当て), also called "Penetrating Magic Shell" by Kokonoe Yakumo, is an advanced form of Gram Demolition that was developed by Tatsuya to target the formless Pushion bodies of Parasites from the Visitor Arc. It is a compressed Psion bullet that works on the Information Dimension rather than the physical realm. Far Strike was designed specifically to target the Parasites from the Visitor Arc, which, in their purest forms, had no physical body. While their hosts could be physically injured or killed, the Parasites in their purest forms had no physical body or cohesive structure, which made them difficult to permanently destroy.

Far Strike works by affecting the astral form – the "soul", to be specific – rather than the physical form. He specifically needs the aid of Miyuki for targets that has no physical body and hence cannot be seen by the naked eyes. It can be used to target both Activation Sequences and Magicians. It is extremely effective against Magicians who haven't properly learned how to control their physical flesh. It is also effective against humans trained to use their willpower to control their physical body, although experts in "chi" utilization (some Ancient Magic users like Ninjutsu users) may be able to avoid or deflect the Psion bullets. Although the target might be able to deflect the Psion backlash, the damage suffered stops them from being able to prepare the next spell. If un-deflected, the target will be knocked unconscious. Far Strike can also penetrate Contact-Type Gram Demolition. 


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