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The Goldie (ゴールディ) Family is a prestigious family that hails from the United Kingdom, England.


The Goldie Family was knighted by the House of Tudor while the Tudor monarchy reigned. [1]

The Goldie Family developed the Magic Bullet Tathlum, and it is the trump card of the Family and is taught to recognized members of the Main Family. The technique was an Ancient Magic passed down through generations before the ascension of Modern Magic, which involved the rewriting of Ancient Magic into Modern Magic. [2]

Tathlum is a magic projectile. Amelia's great-uncle used small spherical shells when he used Magic Bullet Tathlum. Amelia's Grandmother was responsible for teaching her Magic Bullet Tathlum, and only direct members of the family were privy to the fact. Amelia has her own technique for using the spell. [2]

Amelia is a quarter English because her mother is half Japanese-English and her father is Japanese. [1]

Amelia's great-uncle passed away in AD 2093. [2]

Main House

Amelia's Grandmother has a residence in England. [2]

Amelia's Grandmother owns a villa in the Mountains of Switzerland. [2]


  • Main Family
    • Amelia's Great-Uncle (Deceased)
    • Amelia's Great-Uncle's Grandson (Second Cousin)
  • Side Family
    • Matriarch : Amelia's Grandmother (Grandmother)
    • Amelia's Mother (Goldie) - (Mother)
    • Amelia's Father (Akechi) - (Father)
    • Akechi Eimi (明智 英美) - (Daughter)


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