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Golden Electron Silkworms

AN17 008

Spirit Magic Ancient Magic
Single Target
Known Users
Great Asian Union
No Head Dragon
Magicians in the Guangdong Army
Related Spells
Echo Maze
Sense Tuning
Summoning Magic

Golden Electron Silkworms (電子金蚕) is a SB magic, or a magic that uses spirits as a medium. It was used by the Magicians in the Guangdong Army during the battles in the East China Seas, by a board member during the Nine Schools Competition, and by Chen Xiangshan during the Yokohama Incident.

Golden Electron Silkworms pass across connections to invade electronic devices. It's a magic that disables precision weaponry. The silkworms don't rewrite the process itself. Instead, they interfere with the output signal and may even alter the signal. This delays the spell activation by hampering the electronic mechanism without triggering the OS or anti-virus programs. Prior to identifying the Golden Electron Silkworms, Japanese forces suffered terribly under its effects. [1]


It hasn't been disclosed on how this was identified by Kudou Retsu, but Shiba Tatsuya identified it during the Nine Schools Competition with his Elemental Sight.


  1. Volume 4, Chapter 11

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