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Georg Ostburg

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Character Name
Full Name Georg Ostburg
Furigana ゲオルグ・オストブルク
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Former Rozen Bodyguard
Ability Name Convergent Systematic Reinforcement
Novel Volume 13.5, Temptation of Rose (Mentioned)

Georg Ostburg (ゲオルグ・オストブルク) is an individual from the Fortress Series (Burg Folge) and served as a bodyguard for the Rozen. [1]


Georg showed a significant aptitude for the use of Convergent Systematic Reinforcement Magic as a member of the Burg Folge (Erste Art). [1]

When Lucas Rozen was fourteen years old he chose Georg as his bodyguard and let him flee to Japan during a terrorist attack in the United States. [1]


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