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Ancient Magic
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From the beginning, it has been impossible for the parasite dolls to get out of control. Both the parasite and the gynoid are tied together by a loyalty spell. The limiter is part of the loyalty spell that has essentially the same effects as the ancient Celtic Magic, ‘Geis’. The restraints of the loyalty spell are a condition for the provisioning the psions needed to allow the parasite to work with the gynoid. If the limiter is released then the psions are all emitted at once and the parasite falls into a coma-like state. The gynoid's chassis becomes a sealing device for the parasite. The defining principle of the loyalty spell is that a price is paid for infractions of the rules.

Kudou Retsu explaining to Kuki Mamoru, Volume 13, Chapter 4


  • A Geiss, also spelled geas, is a form of magical compulsion or curse that originates in Celtic Mythology. Those under a geas were required to fulfill certain conditions or risk suffering a penalty bestowed by fate.


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