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Single Target, Multiple Targets
Known Users
Shiba Tatsuya
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Gatekeeper (ゲートキーパー) is a Magic Sequence that's constructed in the Root while going through the Gate located between the subconsciousness and consciousness. The Gate is exposed in the Idea and Gatekeeper scrambles all Magic Sequences coming out of the Gate. Unless unlocked by Gatekeeper, a magician can't use magic. [1]

Shiba Tatsuya developed Gatekeeper to neutralize the magic of magicians. [1]

Shiba Miyuki made Jasmine Williams and James Jeffrey Johnson believe that Gatekeeper is a "secret technique" of the Yotsuba Family to deflect attention away from Tatsuya, but in fact it's actually his "secret technique". [1]

Tatsuya is the only person in the Yotsuba Family who is able to monitor other people's Gate. [1] Yotsuba Maya asked him to make efforts to improve Gatekeeper, thus as to allow others to use it. [2]


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