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Oscillation Type Non Systematic-type (Light-Type)
Consciousness Interference-Type
Single Target

Multiple Target (Mitsui Honoka Case)

Known Users
Tsukasa Hajime
Mitsui Honoka
Related Spells

Evil Eye (邪眼) was a technique developed in White Russia after extensive research, prior to the formation of the New Soviet Union.



Evil Eye is a Consciousness Interference Type Outer-Systematic Magic

Despite its lofty name, the truth of this magic is that the light emitted from the eyes sends out hypnotic waves, using the speed of light to bypass the limits of human sensory abilities and directly influence the opponent through sight using Light Wave Oscillation Type Magic. 

It is a brainwashing technique, or hypnotism, that could be replicated with a light projector, but this ability voids the need for lugging a machine around and is able to control an opponent's consciousness. It can be used to rewrite memories or simply send people to sleep. [1]

True Evil Eye

The true Evil Eye is a type of natural consciousness interference and a type Non-Systematic Magic. Wielders of the "True Evil Eye" could completely change a person's activities in a short period of time while the victim and other people were still in the dark. [2]


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  2. Volume 7, Chapter 9

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