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Ernst Rosen

Ernst Rosen-MKNR-DS-11

Character Name
Full Name Ernst Rosen
Furigana エルンスト・ローゼン
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Rosen Magicraft Japanese Branch President
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 14 (Mentioned)

Ernst Rosen (エルンスト・ローゼン) is a member of the Rosen Family, and the President of Rosen Magicraft's Japanese Branch. [1]


Ernst is the son of the current Head of the Rosen Family, and he happens to be a cousin with Anna Rosen Katori, Chiba Erika's mother. [1]

Ernst has been trying to successfully negotiate in helping Erika acquire her legally reserved portion of her inheritance from her great-grandfather Bastian Rosen, who is now deceased. [1]

He was tasked with uncovering the identity of Taurus Silver. [1]

Ernst sent the Wahrheit sisters after Saijou Leonhart in order to capture him, however, they were unsuccessful. [1]

After Shiba Tatsuya's Stellar Furnace experiment at First High School during Congressman Kanda's visit, Ernst appeared on the news applauding the efforts of the students. [2]

He was at the Nine Schools Competition and conversed with Leo while there. [3]


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