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Edward Clark

Edward Clark

Character Name
Full Name Edward Clark
Furigana エドワード・クラーク
Personal Info
Gender Male
  • USNA
  • National Science Agency
Occupation Scholar
Novel Volume 20, Epilogue

Edward Clark (エドワード・クラーク) is a Scholar that belongs to the National Science Agency. He is an expert at working with large-scale information systems. [1][2]

Appearance and Personality

He understands that confidential information about Echelon III can't be leaked. He accepts the situation in which no one can know. Clark shares this secret with only a limited number of people, however, he also admits that he wants to share secrets with others, including not being limited to just Americans. He has no intention of betraying the USNA. It can be said that he's a passionate patriot whose loyalty isn't to the government, but to the nation. He's convinced that it's information that is able to control the world. He's also convinced that only his homeland and its faithful ally are qualified to take over the world. In order to guide the world to what he wants, he collects information, selects it, and analyzes it. [2]


He is the designer of the latest version of the eavesdropping communication system, which is operated by the National Security Agency that happens to also be called Echelon III. It's known that Edward is designer of Echelon III, which no one disputes that he is the central figure in the overall improvement of the Echelon system. Although information about the assembly of Echelon III is treated as confidential information; the number of people that know of this achievement is extremely limited. [2]

He proposed Project Dione which is an international project to try to terraform Venus by using magic techniques and magicians.


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