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Dry Meteor


Speed Type Convergence Type
Release Type
Multiple Targets
Known Users
Saegusa Mayumi
Related Spells
Hale Particles
Dry Blizzard

Dry Meteor (ドライ・ミーティア) is Mayumi's anti-personnel finishing strike. It is a magic that combines all four processes of carbon dioxide, Convergence Type, condensation, Speed Type, and Release Type Magics; relying on the shock wave and carbon dioxide poisoning to render the enemy immobile. A block of dry ice about the size of a child's fist, reaches a speed that the eye can't follow when used against the target. On impact, the dry ice vaporizes and rushes into the lungs, the shock from the sudden lack of oxygen renders the enemy unconscious. [1]


  1. Volume 7, Chapter 12

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