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Douglas Huang

AN18 010

Douglas Huang

Character Name
Full Name Douglas Huang
Kanji ダグラス 黄
Furigana ダグラス・ウォン
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation No Head Dragon
Occupation Criminal Organisation, Head of the Eastern Japan Branch
Voiced By Ken Yanai (Anime)
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 9 (First Appearance)
Volume 4, Chapter 12 (Named)
Anime Episode 13, Nine Schools Competition VI

Douglas Huang (ダグラス 黄) is the Chief of the Japanese Eastern Branch of No Head Dragon and resides on top of the highest floor in the Yokohama Grand Hotel in Chinatown.

Appearance & Personality

Douglas Huang is shown to be a cruel person with almost no empathy to other people. He is also shown to do anything dirty to achieve his goals, and shows no emotions when giving orders to kill other people. However, he is a coward when his life is in danger, which one can see when he gives secret information about No Head Dragon to people who threaten to kill him.


Douglas Huang is the Chief of the Japanese Eastern Branch of No Head Dragon. It was stated that he once saved the life of the boss of No Head Dragon (Richard Sun), and was the boss's confidant. It seems that Richard Sun trusted Douglas enough to know his identity, and Douglas stated that his boss wouldn't just abandon or kill him for failing him. [1]


In order for Douglas Huang to be an Executive Chief of No Head Dragon in Japan, he would need sufficient magical ability and knowledge to fulfil the condition to be called a magician.

Magical Knowledge: He is able to see and understand how Data Fortification and Wide-Area Interference work.


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