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Donald Douglas

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Character Name
Full Name Donald Douglas
Furigana ドナルド・ダグラス
Personal Info
Epithet DD
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation USNA
Family Wife
Occupation Dorm Manager (former)
Ability Name Hypnosis Force
Novel Volume 10, Chapter 9

Donald Douglas (ドナルド・ダグラス) is a citizen of the USNA who was possessed by a Paranormal Parasite.


Originally dissatisfied with his life, he worked as a dorm manager before graduating from a technical college. Afterward, he went to work as a technician on the micro-black hole experiment conducted in Dallas Texas. [1]

Originally, while inspecting the outer wall of the electrical distributor for the particle accelerator, he got possessed by a parasite. [1]

He came to Japan ahead of Stars in order to help his comrades find a safe hideout. Shortly after having finished preparations in his apartment, he was killed by Kuroba Mitsugu, who used Poisoned Bees on him. [1]


  • Hypnosis Force (催眠暗示能力) - the ability isn't very strong especially since it couldn't command another to do something that went against their convictions, deeply held values, or even their religious beliefs. It was more of an ability to persuade and help an individual along the way to do something he wanted if it fell under the confines of following acceptable logic and common sense. [1]


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