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Weight Type Ancient Magic
Multiple Targets
Known Users
Watanabe Mari
Related Spells
Pressure Slash

Dojigiri (童子斬り) is a famous Magic technique, passed on exclusively by Genji swordsmen. However, in the age where magic had become public knowledge, Dojigiri thus suddenly vanished, becoming an ability that researchers are aware of, but have not witnessed with their own eyes. The original name of this technique is "Multiple Slash", but was replaced with Dojigiri in order to hide the identity of the attack. [1]

Mari uses a twin blade in her left hand when releasing a small short blade, which is thrown towards a targets head. Meanwhile, Mari wields two thin strings in her left hand like a weapon. Along the direction of the swing, the string emits a repulsion edge Pressure Slash. The twin blade when falling upon the target's head also emits a Pressure Slash along the edges of the blade. The thin string in Mari's hand can then exceed the speed of her twin blade thanks to the application of Gravity-Type acceleration magic. This three way attack is impossible to dodge completely. Even highly skilled magicians like Lu Ganghu are no exception to this fact. [1]


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