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He perceived the abnormality immediately after he finished ascending the stair. When he examined the inside of the house, there was a non‐human presence.

“A synthetic body? No. An artificial spirit?”

Artificial spirit was the name, modern magic assigned to a certain type of ‘sequence’ (a shikigami or a shiki). ‘Spirit’ was a natural phenomenon that accompanied a Psion information body described by the information dimension that continued to remain as an independent Psion Information Body after applicable phenomenon terminated. This man made ‘spirit’ developed by processes mainly induced by ancient magic techniques for creating independent information bodies was an ‘artificial spirit’. However, all independent information bodies with the potential to be subjugated that can be summoned by a ‘sequence’ were not manufactured by these techniques; Psion information that possessed a naturally developed Pushion Information Body as a core that could be captured and enslaved were rather numerous.

The independent information body stopped in midair as if it was clinging to the overhang of the house’s wall. These spells were the same as the protective spells to keep out intruders on First High’s outer wall. That being said...

(Since I don’t know what kind of data it’ll be able to glean.)

Tatsuya did not think his knowledge of magic sequences was complete. The ‘Shiki’ could be equipped with a function he didn’t know of, he could not ignore the possibility that it could search the inside of the house from outside the wall of defensive spells.

Once again, Tatsuya directed his ‘eye’ through the walls to the artificial spirit.

He analyzed the structural information.

The independent information body was constructed of nothing but Psions.

The lack of a Pushion core meant it was an artificial spirit as he thought. And so like a magic sequence, he could analyze it completely.

Tatsuya extended his right hand toward the artificial spirit. There was no CAD in that hand.

“Variable input: locked on structural data of the artificial spirit.”

Instead of outputting an activation sequence from a CAD, the magic sequence construction process surged from the data center of Tatsuya’s magic calculation area and sent it into the actualization sector.

“Magic sequence projection: ‘Dissection’ activate”

An invisible flash burst.

The bonds that formed the construction information of the artificial spirit were all completely severed; the Psion information body became a chaotic clump of Psions and was engulfed by the information dimension.

Volume 14, Chapter 2


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