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Convergent Systematic Reinforcement

Data Fortification

Non-Systematic Type
Single, Multiple, Area of Effect
Known Users
Saijou Leonhart
Chiba Erika
Related Spells
Data Fortification

Convergent Systematic Reinforcement Magic is a Magic that reinforces the position of one physical object in relation to another. It is more commonly referred to as Reinforcement Magic or Fortification Magic.

Known Users

Saijou Leonhart - Leo is the most prolific user of Reinforcement magic. He has used it to strengthen his CAD to prevent damage, yet also to transform his clothing into a suit of armor and even used it to fortify a whole vehicle.

Chiba Erika - Erika is the first person seen to use this magic in combat. She uses it to strengthen her telescoping baton CAD for use as a sword in combat.

Watanabe Mari - Mari used a form of this magic in the Official Division's Battle Board event. It was used to stabilize her position on the surf board. It later served as Tatsuya's inspiration to design the Weaponized-Integrated CAD.


Data Fortification

Illustrated explanation for Convergent Systematic Reinforcement in Chapter 17 of the Manga


Saijou Leonhart invokes Convergent Systematic Reinforcement


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