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Congressman Kanda

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Character Name
Full Name Kanda
Kanji 神田
Furigana かんだ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Japan
Occupation Congressman
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 11 (Mentioned)
Volume 12, Chapter 13 (First Appearance)

Kanda (神田) is a member of "The National Diet". He is part of those who are against the power of the Ten Master Clans. He recognizes the value of Magicians, however he is also using the Anti-Magician movement to be elected. He doesn't know much about Magic.


He was involved in an attempt to cut the links between the National Defense Force and young Magicians by visiting First High School with reporters in order to find evidence that the military was grooming young Magicians into becoming involved with the military. [1]

Instead, he became a witness to Tatsuya's Stellar Furnace experiment, and involuntarily praised the student Magicians on their success. [2]


  1. Volume 12, Chapter 11
  2. Volume 12, Chapter 13

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