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Cloak of Invisibility
Ancient Magic
Single Target, Multiple Targets
Known Users
Kazama Harunobu
Related Spells

Cloak of Invisibility (隠れ蓑) is a Recognition Obstruction Magic, which is a typical magic of the Tengu-jutsu. Rather than block or disrupt light and sound waves, it's a magic that interferes with the consciousness to make another assume someone is "not there". Even if the user were to face an opponent from the front, or you pass by them, the user won't be recognized, and the other person will pass simply by. [1]

It is similar to Ono Haruka's BS Magic. Although the strength of the recognition obstruction is inferior compared to the Haruka's exceptional talent. However, it is possible to not only recognize the user, but those accompanying them, to the extent that the reach of the magic depends on the competence of the user (Kazama is able to keep up to four people including himself hidden). [1]

It is believed as a theory by magical history researchers, that Kiichi Hougen, whom is referred to as a Tengu, created the Yin Yang technique for interpersonal use and handed it down, which he later developed it into a Tengu-jutsu that was introduced to Ninjutusu. In Europe it's of the same system as Ancient Magic, but is called "Hiding Mantle". [1]


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