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Chiyoda Kanon

Kanon Anime

Character Name
Full Name Chiyoda Kanon
Kanji 千代田 花音
Furigana ちよだ・かのん
Personal Info
Gender Female
Family Isori Kei (Fiancé)
School First High School
Ability Name
Voiced By Saori Ōnishi (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 4
Anime Episode 9, Nine Schools Competition III

Isori Kei

Isori is Kanon's Fiancé. They are shown to care deeply for each another.

AN20 009

Watanabe Mari

Kanon and Mari appear to have a friendly relationship, as Kanon freely talks about her dissatisfaction with being separated from Kei during the trip to the Nine Schools competition. probably due to both being from the Hundred Families.

Mari selected Kanon as her successor as head of the Public Moral Committee after Mari's graduation.

Kitayama Shizuku

Shiba Tatsuya

During the Nine Schools Competition, Kanon seemed to have shown little interest in Tatsuya outside of his skills as a CAD engineer. This changes during the Yokohama Disturbance arc after she became aware that Tatsuya is part of the military with the rank of Special Lieutenant. When Kei had received a fatal injury protecting her, Tatsuya, as Ooguro Ryuuya, had used "Regrowth" to save him, but Kanon was confused about Tatsuya's abilities until Miyuki explained "Regrowth".

She thought such an amazing magic should not be a secret until she knew the price to pay when Tatsuya uses it. So she vowed, as all who heard it, secrecy.

Since then, Kanon had acknowledged Tatsuya's abilities and was grateful for his help in saving Kei. She had held Tatsuya as part of the Public Moral Committee after she succeeded Mari, until the start of the new school year, when he was officially transferred to the Student Council, as part of a compromise with Azusa.

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