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Chiba Naotsugu

Chiba Naotsugu (Anime)

Chiba Naotsugu

Character Name
Full Name Chiba Naotsugu
Kanji 千葉 修次
Furigana ちば・なおつぐ
Personal Info
  • Chiba Kirin
  • Ghost of the Phantom Blade
Gender Male
Affiliation Hundred Families (Chiba)
Occupation Student
School University of National Defense
Ability Name Pressure Slash
Voiced By Susumu Chiba (Anime)
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 10
Anime Episode 15, Nine Schools Competition Chapter VIII

Watanabe Mari

Mari is Naotsugu's girlfriend. She changes a lot whenever he is around.

Chiba Erika

Erika is Naotsugu's little half-sister. While Naotsugu is easily cowed by his younger sister, he doesn't take it well when she insults his girlfriend. Despite this, he cares about his sister and was unhappy when Erika was training Saijou Leonhart, showing to be uncomfortable with her spending time with boys.

Chiba Toshikazu

Toshikazu is Naotsugu's elder brother and the heir of the Chiba Family.

Shiba Tatsuya

Naotsugu had been ordered to 'protect' Tatsuya in the 'Visitor Arc', while watching over Tatsuya he engaged in combat with Stardust combatants and then blocked an attack from Angie Sirius's Brionac CAD and 'Heavy Metal Burst' effectively knocking him out.

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