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Chiba Naotsugu

Chiba Naotsugu (Anime)

Chiba Naotsugu

Character Name
Full Name Chiba Naotsugu
Kanji 千葉 修次
Furigana ちば・なおつぐ
Personal Info
  • Child Prodigy of the Chiba
  • Illusion Blade
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Weight 77 kg
  • Student
  • Second-Lieutenant (National Defense Force) - (Reserves)
School National Defense Academy
Year/Course National Defense Academy
Year 2 - 2095
Year 3 - 2096
Year 4 - 2097
Ability Name Pressure Slash
Voiced By Susumu Chiba (Anime)
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 10
Anime Episode 15, Nine Schools Competition Chapter VIII

Chiba Naotsugu (千葉 修次) is the second son of the Chiba Family. He is in a relationship with Watanabe Mari. [1]

Appearance and Personality

Naotsugu is described as someone with delicate features, enough to label him a beautiful young man. He has a medium build and is slightly taller than Shiba Tatsuya. [1]

At one point, it was stated that Naotsugu appeared to be at odds with his fame, given his weak/gentle disposition. Despite his younger sister, Chiba Erika's nagging, he has never scolded her and hasn't mustered any defense, save for a few excuses. [1]


Naotsugu is a student at the National Defense Academy in the Special Warfare Technology Research Department. He has already made a name for himself as a Second-Lieutenant in the reserves. He is a member of a guerrilla infantry platoon of the National Defense Forces' First Division, known as the "Sword Corps". [2]

As a swordsman, he has mastered the "Art of the Thousand Blades". He is reputed to be one of the finest close combat specialists in the world to within three meters, known as the "Child Prodigy of the Chiba". He has cooperated with the Thai Royal Magicians, serving in the capacity as a swordsmanship instructor. [1]

"Illusion Blade" was Naotsugu's original nickname. [3]


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