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Chiba Jouichirou

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Character Name
Full Name Chiba Jouichirou
Kanji 千葉 丈一郎
Furigana ちば・じょういちろう
Personal Info
Age 50
Gender Male
Affiliation Hundred Families (Chiba)
Novel Volume 7, Chapter 10 (Mentioned)
Volume 19, Chapter 14 (Named)

Chiba Jouichirou (千葉 丈一郎) is the Head and Leader of the Chiba Family. [1][2]

Appearance and Personality

Jouichirou is 50 years old as of February of 2097. He's a muscular man that has yet to physically decline. [2]


He asked the Head of the Yoshida Family, Yoshida Sachihiko, for help with the Parasite Incident after hearing about it from his oldest son, Chiba Toshikazu. [1]


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