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Charles Sullivan

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Character Name
Full Name Charles Sullivan
Furigana チャールズ・サリバン
Aliases Demus Second
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Sergeant (Stars)
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 5

Charles Sullivan (チャールズ・サリバン) was a Satellite-Class Magician who served in the USNA's Magician Unit "Stars". He held the rank of Sergeant. His code name was Demus Second (デーモス・セカンド). [1]


Before the parasite penetrated inside him, Sullivan was unable to use magic without a CAD, and his physical abilities were that of an average soldier. After appearing in Japan as a deserter, it appears that he can bend a physical objects trajectory at will. [1]

Hunter Q and Hunter R were sent to capture or kill him because he was a wanted fugitive. They ended up helping track him down in the city of Tokyo and wound him to the point where Angie Sirius was able to shoot a bullet reinforced with Data Fortification to pierce through his defenses, destroying his heart. [1]


Trajectory Alteration

Charles Sullivan was proficient in this magic spell and when we was possessed by the parasite, he was able to cast this magic spell even without a CAD. [1]


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