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The Yatsushiro (八代) Family is one of the Ten Master Clans, bearing the number Eight (八) in their name. The current Head of the Yatsushiro Family is Yatsushiro Raizou. [1]


They are part of Ten Master Clans, and are from the Eighth Institute, where the research focus was, "Magic that Manipulates the Four Fundamental Interactions" (Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong Nuclear, Weak Nuclear). The labs research can easily lead to nuclear weapons development; and so with National Defense Force approval, it has been quashing suspicions that it was developing nuclear missiles. [2]

Business Ventures

Raizou, the current Head of the Yatsushiro Family is a University Instructor and a shareholder of multiple Communication Companies. [1]

Main House

The Yatsushiro reside in Kyushu, Fukuoka. [1]

Area of Influence

The Yatsushiro Family's influence encompasses specifically all of Kyushu except for Okinawa. During the Master Clans Conference held every four years, the Head of the Yatsushiro Family gives a report on the status of the region they monitor. [1]


  • Yatsushiro Takara (八代 降雷) - The second son of the Yatsushiro Family, and younger brother to Raizou.


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