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The Shippō (七宝) Family is one of the 18 Assistant Houses and which has now been elected to become a member of the Ten Master Clans as of AD 2097. They bear the number Seven (七) ​in their name. The current Head of the Shippou Family is Shippou Takumi. [1]


They are from the Seventh Institute, where the research focus was, "Anti-unit Warfare". The result is Herd Control Magic. [2]

Known as magic exclusive to the Shippou Family, 'Million Edge' is a spell that manipulates over a million pieces of paper that turned into sharp blades to eviscerate the foe. It is a Herd Control Magic that can be activated without a CAD. In essence, from the very beginning, the magic is a delayed sequence set in a state just short of activating and use the caster’s Psions as keys to unlock invocation. However, Million Edge is a magic that requires intense amount of preparation beforehand. [3]

On the surface, the Shippou Family work as investment advisers, especially in the field of weather derivative instruments. As a particular type of risk management tool, weather derivative instruments are broadly used to predict atypical weather hazards. As a financial tool, the value of weather derivative instruments is determined by various weather values such as temperature, humidity, condensation, etc. While industrialization of the food industry has decreased the efficacy of weather derivative instruments, the rise of solar energy as the principal provider of electricity in more developed countries has rendered the estimated time for sunshine a major indicator for earnings projections used by corporations. [4]

The rivalry between the Shippou Family and the Saegusa Family is well known, since they held the strongest desire to ascend to the position of one of the Master Clans among the 18 Assistant Houses. [5]

The Shippou Family was chosen to temporarily occupy the open position among the Ten Master Clans during the Master Clans Conference on the first day, however, on the second day during the Selection Meeting, they were elected to officially join the Ten Master Clans. [1]


  • Children:


  • Shippou Takumi's Assistant - He's a little older than Takuma. [4]


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