Series Magician are magicians produced with forged and altered genes in order to strengthen certain disposition in magic.

There are currently Three revealed Series Magician Families:

Fortress Series


Data Fortification / Fortification Magic / Reinforcement Magic.


Saijou Leonhart and his family belongs to the First Type of Germany's Fortress Series. The Third Type has Linda Wahrheit and Emma Wahrheit.

Sakura Series


Defensive Magics Barriers - Single field of defense against objective & heat based attacks.

The Yotsuba employs them as Guardians


The only known Magicians issued of the Sakura series are Sakurai Honami (Deceased), and Sakurai Minami.

Bard Series


Oscillation-type (Systematic Vibration) magic especially interference in sonic (sound) waves.

The Yotsuba employs them as Guardians.


Currently there are only two known members that is Tsutsumi Kanata and Tsutsumi Kotona. Both are Second generation of the Bard Series and serve as Shibata Katsushige's guardians.

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