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The Saegusa (七草, lit. seven grass) Family is one of the Ten Master Clans, bearing the number Seven (七) ​in their name. The current Head of the Saegusa Family is Saegusa Kouichi. [1]


They are part of Ten Master Clans, and in the beginning they were part of the Third Institute before moving to the Seventh Institute, hence why instead of the common spelling of Saegusa as (三枝, "three branches"), they have the number "(七)" in their name now. [2]

The Saegusa don't have unique abilities like the Yotsuba. However, the Saegusa Family do not have a system that they are bad at, so they are ironically referred to as "Omnipotent". [3] Unlike other families from the Ten Masters Clans, the Saegusa didn't alter their genes through only one of the Ten Institutes. [4]

Since the creation of the Ten Master Clans system, the Saegusa Family has never left the ranks of the Ten Master Clans. [5]

Business Ventures

Kouichi, the current Head of the Saegusa Family runs a venture capital business. [1]

Main House

The Saegusa reside in Kantō, Tokyo. [1]

They live in a grand residence mansion which has extensive grounds. [6]

The Saegusa have a greater number of servants who serve them unlike the Ichijou Family. [7]

Area of Influence

The Saegusa and Juumonji Family's influence encompasses specifically the Kantō region and all of Izu. During the Master Clans Conference held every four years, the heads of both family's give a report on the status of the regions they monitor. [1]

The Saegusa Family's power surrounds the capital and can act regardless of jurisdiction. The Saegusa Family is one of the two most influential families in the Ten Master Clans, besides the Yotsuba. [8]

The Saegusa Family is the real patron of the National Defense Force Intelligence 3rd Division. [8]


  • Children :

1st Wife - she had two sons with Kouichi and is deceased. [9]

  • Oldest Son : Saegusa Tomokazu - The eldest son is already married and lives in the city with his wife. [9]
  • Youngest Son : Saegusa Koujirou - He always stays overnight at the Seventh Research Institute owned by the Saegusa Family. [9]

2nd Wife - she has three daughters with Kouichi. She is also estranged with Mayumi on pretext of medical issues. [10]


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