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The Morisaki (森崎) family is one of the Hundred Families, however, it is a side family.


The Morisaki Family is a side family that does not possess a "number". Their magic power is rated as "pedestrian", though when it comes to practical situations under special conditions, they've earned well praises thanks to their unique talents. [1]

They are well known for their 'Quick-draw', a magic that they developed in order to take down a target in a single blow without causing great harm. [2][1]

The Morisaki family business is a protection agency that is well respected by individuals who are and aren't magicians. [3]

Morisaki Shun is the only son of the Morisaki Families main branch and he has worked for his families agency for two years when called upon when short on manpower. Although the fundamentals of being a bodyguard were drilled into him by his uncle, he nor his families techniques are strong enough to safeguard an individual that is being guarded after an enemy has attacked. <ref name="V5 />



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