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The Mitsuya (三矢) Family is one of the Ten Master Clans, bearing the number Three (三) in their name. The current Head of the Mitsuya Family is Mitsuya Gen. [1]


They are part of Ten Master Clans, and are from the Third Institute, where the research focus was, "Control of Multiple Magics", the intent was to test the boundary of how many magics' could be activated at the same time as well as raising that boundary as part of their Magician Augmentation Project. [2]

Business VenturesEdit

Gen, the current Head of the Mitsuya Family is an international small-arms broker. [1]

Main HouseEdit

The Mitsuya reside in Atsugi (Kantō, Kanagawa). [1]

Area of InfluenceEdit

The Mitsuya Family's influence doesn't encompass a region, rather it along with the other Houses of 'Three' run the Third Institute together. [1]


  • Family Head : Mitsuya Gen (三矢 元)
  • Mitsuya Shiina (三矢 詩奈) - First High Freshmen Representative for the AD 2097 school year. [3]


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