The National Magic University trains young Magicians who want to become a Magician or a Magic Artificer (魔工師). Although it usually requires a Magic High School diploma to attend, those who have their names in the Index or have given a significant contribution to the magical community can be granted access to the University without the need for high school. 

The National Magic University is founded on the old Nerima Garrison and shares a close relationship with the military. At least 40% of the Magic University’s graduates choose to pursue a career in the military or at a company affiliated to it.

Rules and Regulations

The dress code is entirely up to the students, providing that it comply's with public decorum. Any warning is usually restricted to mutual warnings between students.

Carrying CADs is allowed on the Magic University’s campus and the standards around magic use are also more relaxed when compared to the Magic High Schools. The use of magic in general areas is allowed, even if not used in research labs or experimental rooms.


  • Magician Curriculum: focuses on the practical skills of Magicians
  • Magic Artificer (魔工師): focuses on engineering and other CAD related skills 
  • Magic Researcher (魔工技師): focuses on theoretical knowledge


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