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The Kudō (九島) Family is a former member of Ten Master Clans, bearing the number Nine (九) ​in their name. The current Head of the Kudou Clan is Kudou Makoto.


They are formerly part of Ten Master Clans, and are from the Ninth Institute, where the research focus was, the "Streamlining and Appropriation of Ancient Magic into Modern Magic". [1]

The Old Ninth Research Institute, which was officially closed after World War Three, is currently a joint civilian research facility run by the Kudou, Kuki, and Kuzumi Families that researches Perception-Type Magic. [2]

One of their secret techniques is "Parade", derived from the Ancient Magic Illusion technique "Matoi" taught by Kokonoe Yakumo's predecessor to Kudou Retsu, and then transformed into Parade. [3]

Business Ventures

Makoto, the current Head of the Kudou Family is a shareholder, an investor, and a creditor of multiple Defense Force Contractors. [4]

Main House

The Kudou reside primarily in Ikoma (Kansai, Nara) near the foothills of Mount Higashiyama and Ikoma. [4]

The mansion is a luxurious three-story Western-style building that wasn’t originally built to withstand attacks from individuals such as "Traditionalists". When incorporating research from the Ninth Institute, the defenses had since been strengthened in small increments. The decision to locate the mansion here had been decided by the government in order for the Kudou Family to monitor Osaka in order to suppress foreign Magician operatives. [5]

Area of Influence

The Kudou Family's influence encompassed specifically the Kyoto, Nara, Shiga prefectures and Kii. During the Master Clans Conference held every four years, the Head of the Kudou Family had given a report on the status of the regions it monitored. Although, now by request of Shippou Takumi of the Shippou Family, the Houses of Nine still manage the regions. [4]


Kudou Clan

  • Former Clan Head : Kudou Retsu (九島 烈)
  • Brother : Kudou Retsu's Younger Brother - He possessed a greater ability to use Parade than Retsu himself.
  • Clan Head : Kudou Makoto (九島 真言) - Eldest son of Kudou Retsu.
  • Children :
    • Eldest Son
    • Eldest Daughter
    • Second Daughter
    • Second Son : Kudou Soushi (九島 蒼司) - Soushi is a son of Kudou Makoto.
    • Youngest Son : Kudou Minoru (九島 光宣) - Minoru is the youngest son of Kudou Makoto.
    • Angelina Kudou Shields (アンジェリーナ゠クドウ゠シールズ) - The grand-daughter of Kudou Retsu's Younger Brother, but she isn't technically a member, despite being able to use Parade.

Fujibayashi Clan

  • Clan Head : Head of Fujibayashi Clan
  • Wife : Younger Sister of Kudou Makoto


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