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The Itsuwa (五輪) Family is one of the Ten Master Clans, bearing the number Five (五) in their name. The current Head of the Itsuwa Family is Itsuwa Isami. [1]


They are part of Ten Master Clans, and are from the Fifth Institute, where the research focus was, "Material Phase Manipulation Magic". [2]

The Itsuwa Family largely owe their position among the Ten Master Clans to Mio, due in part because she is a Strategic-Class Magician. [3]

Business Ventures

Isamu, the current Head of the Itsuwa Family is an executive for an Ocean Freight Shipping Company, and he also happens to be the owner of the company. [1]

Main House

The Itsuwa reside in Uwajima (Shikoku, Ehime). [1]

The Itsuwa Family also owns several other residences including one in Tokyo where Mio and Hirofumi live together because he started attending the Magic University there after she graduated. [4]

The Itsuwa have a large number of employees. [5]

Area of Influence

The Itsuwa Family's influence encompasses specifically the Shikoku region. During the Master Clans Conference held every four years, the Head of the Itsuwa Family gives a report on the status of the region they monitor. [1]


  • Children :
    • Daughter : Itsuwa Mio (五輪 澪) - is one of two Strategic-Class Magicians in Japan, but the only internationally recognized one, which makes her a member of the Thirteen Apostles. It's mentioned that the Itsuwa clan is barely holding on to its status as part of the Ten Masters Clans, only securing the position thanks to Mio.
    • Son : Itsuwa Hirofumi (五輪 洋史) - is Mio's younger brother who attends the Magic University. He is also to be the next Head of the Itsuwa Family.


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