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The Ichijou (一条) Family is one of the Ten Master Clans, bearing the number One (一) ​in their name. The current Head of the Ichijou Family is Ichijou Gouki. [1]

The combat dogma of the Ichijou Family revolves around proactively controlling the initiative through medium to long range bombardment. [2]


They are part of Ten Master Clans, and are from the First Institute, where the research focus was, "Magic that Directly Interferes with Living Organisms". [3]

"Rupture" is the Ichijou Family's far-famed ability, a Dispersal-Systematic magic that vaporizes all fluid within the target's body and possesses A-rank destructive power. [4] An unexpected by-product that occurs when this magic is used, is that machinery can be destroyed. [5]

Business Ventures

Ichijou Gouki is the President of a Seabed Resource Mining Company that performs business in the Sea of Japan. [2][1]

Main House

The Ichijou reside in Kanazawa (Hokuriku, Ishikawa). They live in a mansion that is a grand residence roughly ten times that of an average separated house residence, which happens to be a mere thirty minute walk away from Third High School. [2]

There are only a few number of servants unlike in the Saegusa and Itsuwa Families. They operate under the policy of "If a machine could do it, then a machine would do it" and use home automation extensively. [2]

The Ichijou Family owns a second home in Tokyo that Gouki had built ten years previously. [5]

Area of Influence

The Ichijou Family's influence encompasses Northern Japan, specifically the San'in and Hokuriku regions. During the Master Clans Conference held every four years, the Head of the Ichijou Family gives a report on the status of the regions they monitor. [1]



  • The Ichijou Family is based on the Japanese Clan with the same name.


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