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Elements is the name given to the Magicians who were the first practitioners of Magic in Japan, before the establishment of the Numbers. [1]


The Army General Headquarters established a secret research institute in 2002. During the 2010's and 2020's there were research institutes that operated, which were structured off the secret institute to develop the Elements; all of which were closed due to a change made in Magician development policy. [2]

Before the organization and classification of the Four Systems and Eight Types, a classification based on the traditional attributes of Earth (地), Water (水), Fire (火), Wind (風), Light (光), and Thunder (雷) was used. The Elements were developed in accordance with this concept. Upon the establishment and classification of the Four Systems and Eight Types, the development of these Magicians following the traditional attributes became regarded as inefficient, and the development of the Elements ceased. [1]

For those who hold positions of great power, the bloodline of the Elements is valuable. [3]


The Elements have innately inherited gifts separate from the magic they had or were given. Since the begging of research on magic, fear and superstition against magic was rampant. Due in part because of this, those who were developed, the Elements were labeled as 'Sorcerers' and 'Witches'. They took it upon themselves, taking measures to show that they would not be a threat, they had the researchers incorporate into their genes; compliance and absolute obedience towards their leaders. [1]

Those in charge made the geneticists take whatever measures that were needed to ensure this; hence the 'descendants of the Elements' have a high ratio of expressing a certain trait, which is 'dependency'. [1]

Psychologists and Geneticists haven't been able to answer why and how these characteristics are inheritable. At first it was seen that characteristics of ones personality couldn't be inherited, though when looking back through ones family tree, undeniable similarities would be seen that couldn't be explained to be from something like 'environmental factors'. [1]

It was easily seen that they would have a specific person, usually of the opposite sex, that they would be greatly attached to and rely on. The descendants of the Elements themselves believed that their destinies were written in their genes. Although using such a thing as an excuse for accepting their reliance on others; the 'dependency' that they feel isn't publicly perceived as an emotional weakness. Scholars have claimed that there is a more appropriate word for the 'dependency', meaning loyalty. [1]

Known Members

Light (光) - Mitsui Honoka


  • Although unofficially stated, it is likely that Kazamatsuri Suzuka is from the Elements with Wind (風) as her attribute.
  • Even if a character has a Kanji for one of the Elements at the beginning of their surname, they may not be apart of the Elements.


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