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The Chiba (千葉) Family is one of the Hundred Families, bearing the number Thousand (千) in their name. Their nickname is "Magic Swordsman" and they are an authority in close combat magic. [1]


The Chiba Family was renowned for using personal Speed and Weight Magic in close quarters combat. The Chiba Family's strength lay not in the fact they could adeptly use spells, but in a new system they pioneered for the training and development of close combat Magicians. [2]

The Chiba and Isori families have close relations with one another due in part to the engravement spells the Isori engrave onto the CAD for the Chiba, where as the Yoshida family also have close relations with the Chiba family. [3]

Area of Influence

Sakuradamon is within the Chiba Family's territory of jurisdiction. When Toshikazu is investigating the Vampire murders, his jurisdiction (then) is within Kasumeseki as part of Police Department.

Chiba Style

AN21 021

Presently, of the Magicians serving as policemen or infantry in the military, it was rumored that half of them were directly trained under the Chiba Family's system. This was the case for the navy and air force as well. Any unit that could encounter close combat situations often petitioned the Chiba Family for training. If solely dependent on connections within active duty troops, the Chiba Family's influence may eclipse that of the Ten Master Clans. [2]

Their making of close combat weapons is their main source of income. The weapons they make are incomparably strong, like the Ikazuchimaru, which was the pinnacle of sword-type armament forged by the Chiba Family, the secret weapon that was the source of their pride. [4]

Techniques & Secret Arts

  • Pressure Slash (Known User - Chiba Naotsugu)
  • Yamatsunami (Known User - Chiba Erika)
  • Usuba Kagerou (Known User - Saijou Leonhart)
  • Lightning Tetsuzan (Known User - Chiba Toshikazu)


  • Clan Head : Chiba Jouichirou (千葉 丈一郎) - Head of Chiba Clan
  • Wife : Deceased
  • Lover : Anna Rosen Katori (Deceased)
  • Children :

Wife - The Clan Head had two sons and a daughter with his wife, although the daughter has not been named in the series. The wife passed away when Erika was born. [5]

  • Eldest Son : Chiba Toshikazu (千葉 寿和) - (Deceased)
  • Eldest Daughter : Chiba Sanae (千葉 早苗)
  • Youngest Son : Chiba Naotsugu (千葉 修次) - Chiba Prodigy Aka Chiba Kirin [One of the World's best Close-Combat Magician]

Lover : Anna Rosen Katori (アンナ・ローゼン・鹿取) - After the death of the Clan Head's legal wife, Anna lived in the detached building of the Chiba's house with Erika until she passed away. [5]

  • Youngest Daughter : Chiba Erika (千葉 エリカ) - Due in part because of the circumstances relating to both of her parents, Erika hadn't been allowed to take the name "Chiba Erika" until her mother passed away, even then not until she took the High School Entrance Exam was she permitted to have the name 'Chiba Erika'. [5]


  • Orochimaru
  • Ikazuchimaru
  • Usuba Kagerou
  • Mizuchimaru


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