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Bradley Zhang

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Character Name
Full Name Bradley Zhang
Kanji ブラッドリー・張
Furigana ブラッドリー・チャン
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Sub-Leader of Desertion Troops - Lieutenant (Hong Kong Army)
Ability Name Steel Qigong
Novel Volume 20, Chapter 2

Bradley Zhang (ブラッドリー・張) is one of the leaders of the Great Asian Union desertion troops. [1] He is a Lieutenant who deserted from the Great Asian Union, Hong Kong Army. [2]

Appearance and Personality

Zhang's physique; he is 2 meters tall and weighs tens of hundred kilograms. [3]


Zhang is the sub-leader of the sabotage intended for the artificial island, Saika Shintou, offshore Kumejima Island in the Okinawa Islands. [1][4]


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