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Movement Type Speed Type
Single Target
Known Users
Tomitsuka Hagane
Related Spells

Blast (爆風) is a Movement Type and Speed Type magic that was devised to provide the mean for Tomitsuka Hagane to cast ranged magic despite his being challenged in that area. It combines Explosion and Rest into a new spell. Explosion provides the base for the attack and Rest cancels the recoil. [1]

This spell is first mentioned during the 2096 Nine School Competition, during Tomitsuka's match against Third High School in a new event, the Shield Down competition. Until the Nine School Competition's training had started, Tomitsuka was unable to learn air-based attack magic that was popular among Modern Magic users. Thanks to Tatsuya's basic theoretical framework of Blast, and Hirakawa Chiaki's efforts in arranging Activation Sequence for Blast under the guidance of Jennifer Smith sensei, Hagane could finally use ranged attack magic. [1]


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