Beautiful Girl Magic Guardian Plasma Lina
Beautiful Girl Magic Guardian Plasma Lina
Release Date June 17, 2017
On Cover Angelina Kudou Shields
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Bishōjo Mahō Senshi Plasma Lina or Beautiful Girl Magic Guardian Plasma Lina is giving free during 1st week theatrical screenings of the The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars from June 17th to June 23rd, 2017.

The 80-page novel's story centers on Lina when she was a young girl before she joined USNA's Magician Unit Stars.

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Angelina Kudou Shields. She was called Angie when she was a child. She is a quarter Japanese due to her sharing blood ties with her grandfather. Her middle name “Kudou” is derived from her grandfather, and her grandfather’s older brother is an elder in the Japanese magic world.

She is not ashamed of this connection, she has fame that surpasses her grandfather’s brother who is known as “the world’s craftiest magician”. She is a part of the world’s strongest army corps in the world, as well as Captain of this unit called “Stars” which is directly under the USNA military chief headquarters.

She is also one of the USNA’s recognized strategic class magicians, one of the “Thirteen Apostles”, Angie Sirius. However, she is also code-named “Sirius” which is the title given to the captain of “Stars”.

It’s not that she had been selected as a member of Stars from the beginning. She was found as a rare and talented magician and has been educated in the military since childhood. But she was first selected to be in the unit designated “Starlight”, this is a unit that has potential “Stars” members.

◇ ◇ ◇

Angelina’s current rank is warrant officer, and she is meeting with Second-Lieutenant Yuma Polaris at the USNA’s North American Continental military training facility in Phoenix, Arizona. This training facility is for military units directly under the military staff headquarters, and for their strongest unit “Stars”.

Angelina walks in and salutes Polaris and another superior officer. After being told to relax, Angelina begins to wonder why this other superior officer is here. It is Captain Benjamin Canopus who is currently the “temporary leader” for Stars. Stars is made up of the top 12 soldiers in the USNA army, and with the current seat of Sirius being vacant Canopus is the highest ranking member of Stars at the moment.

Captain Canopus should be at the Roswell’s headquarters base. Angelina is uneasy, because she thinks that he could only be here for one reason. Polaris goes on to say that her magical training evaluation was excellent and that she has the capability of first class. She tries to hide her tension and how proud she is, but it is simple for them to see. She is only 12 years old, but regardless she can control her emotions well for her age.

Polaris goes on to explain that there is a large vacancy in Stars at the moment, including the position of Sirius. There are currently six positions vacant in the Stars unit.

Two years ago, the USNA and the New Soviet Union had armed conflicts in the Bering Strait area, due to the fear of a recurrence of another World War both nations didn’t commit large numbers of troops. The conflict consisted of a large number of small scale battles, and for that reason it was called the Arctic Hidden War, or simply the Hidden War.

This “Hidden War” greatly hurt the USNA and New Soviet Union’s magician force potential. The magician strength in the Far East of the New Soviet Union was greatly decreased. This decrease in power become a great incentive for the invasion of Okinawa by the Great Asian Union, having not to worry about the threat to the North.

Meanwhile, the USNA had lost William Sirius, the former leader of STARS, in addition to four other members of his unit. In addition, the strategic class magician Elliott Miller was transferred from STARS to the Alaska Army under the command of the US Northern Army, and has to remain there for the defense of Alaska and its surrounding waters.

After that, the USNA was attempting to quickly refill the vacant spots, but it isn’t so easy to just replace the strongest soldiers they have, even for the powerful USNA.

He then says that they will have Angelina join Stars immediately, but that her age is the only problem right now. Polaris explains that her abilities as a magician and her age aren’t linked directly but that a military personnel’s ability to carry out their duty could be an issue for someone her age. Angelina didn’t like this explanation and was irritated but before she could say anything, it is suggested that she is tested with a tactical mission.

Polaris says that an unregistered magician has become involved in magic research that was entrusted to the military. So it isn’t something that can be dealt with by the local police, since it deals with military secrets. Angelina’s mission is to search for the criminal magician and detain them.

Angelina is then introduced to Second-Lieutenant Angelina Mizar in the USNA military. She is to help assist and examine her in this mission, Mizar is now 22 years old. Mizar addresses Polaris by his first name Yuma, of the same star level tend to act more casual to each other.

Due to the similarity in their names, Mizar says that both of them being called “Angie” will complicate things, so Mizar says that for this mission she will call her “Lina Shields”.

Lina is still a little nervous about the situation and asks Mizar for more detail about her new mission. Mizar with a bitter smile hands Lina a tablet type terminal and goes over the details of the mission again with Lina. Although on the surface this looks like a routine mission, Lina can’t help but feel that it isn’t as simple as it seems. Mizar takes a liking to Lina and asks her to call her Angie, and tells her that they are apart of the same unit and will be friends who are years apart.

◇ ◇ ◇

Lina and Mizar arrive in Houston the next day, and head to the magic lab in the district which is called the Shawmut Magic Research Institute. Lina’s cover in this mission is a magician who is cooperating with magic experiments. Even though there are experiments using magicians, it is no longer as bad as it used to be. During the wartime era magicians were treated like experimental animals and after it was found out there were severe punishments.

After arriving they run into a young women. Mizar calls out to her, the young women’s nickname appears to be Abby. She has short red hair and is wearing a white lab coat, Lina had a hard time telling if she was a boy or girl until she heard her voice.

Mizar introduces Lina to Abby, and says to Lina that this girl is Abigail Stuart. She also adds that although she looks like a handsome boy, Abigail is a women and that she shouldn’t fall in love with her. Abigail ignores Mizar and asks Lina to call her Abby. This is first time that Lina has been to the Shawmut Institute.

Abigail Stuart is highly valued at this institute, she started out here as a graduate student. Mizar goes on to explain that Abby is the leader of the CPBM laboratory and that she will cooperate with her research here. When Lina asks what CPBM is, Abby says that it means Charged Particle Beam Magic weapons. Abby has heard that Lina excels at release type magic, and asks her to help with her research to which Lina agrees.

◇ ◇ ◇

The following day, Lina is moving through the city. During the day she spent most of her time at the laboratory.

It is prohibited by law to use magic in public unless it is for self-defense, it is the same in Japan and the USNA. However it is even more strict in certain areas of the USNA, in Massachusetts even if you build up a magic sequence it is considered a crime, regardless if you activate it or not.

While Lina is walking around she is suddenly told through her earpiece that the criminal that she is looking for is near the magic shops around her. As she continues to walk around she thinks about how these shops in Houston are known for its magic engineering shops.

Lina is dressed in a mini skirt with frills, it is something that a girl her age would normally wear and even though she is wearing a mask she is still embarrassed by this look. Normally she would never wear anything like this, but since it was an order from a superior officer she couldn’t say no.

The thief she is looking for is supposedly armed with a gun, while the USA is now known as the USNA the right to own a gun is still a right for the people in this country. And regular guns do not pose a threat to high-level magicians who have been trained properly. The only issue would be if they were using bullets with increased power that is used against magicians.

Lina hears someone call out, and finds that the thief has stolen something and is trying to escape. Lina creates a barrier in front of thief and he runs into it and falls back onto his back. The passerby’s look at the scene as if it was a comedy movie.

From her earpiece Mizar starts to speak very loudly, it was loud enough for the people near Lina to be able to hear as well. Lina is supposed to start building up her name in this area as part of her mission, and argues with Mizar about what her name should be. She then shouts out that she is Lina…. Magic Guardian Lina.

Another person begins to scream out and when Lina looks over, another man is there pointing a gun in their direction. It must be the snatcher’s accomplice, but before he could take action Lina aims her release type magic “Spark” and incapacitates the man. Lina believes in an aggressive approach and would rather react first rather than standing back and defending.

The man on the street begins to convulse due to the effect of plasma discharge. Lina didn’t intend to use that much power but due to her impatience and her rush to get away from the people around her while she is wearing this outfit, she used a little too much power.

Lina is told to return to her driver and return home and that the crime scene will be left to another team.

◇ ◇ ◇

The next day, Lina is resting her head on the table during breakfast. Sitting with her is Missar and Abigail, Abigail asks Lina what’s wrong and she ignores her. Lina knows that this is rude behavior to a superior officer, but she is still very embarrassed that she is all over the news networks.

They try to comfort her by saying that the mission is going great, and that she will eventually get over all the attention. The scene she caused last night should be more than enough to attract the attention of the enemy magician that they are looking for.

Lina hardly endured the encouragement. They go on to joke with her some more and say that the “magical girl” might be very popular with Otaku’s. Lina wants to try and argue but it seems that although Abigail Stuart is an important researcher for the USNA she may be right about that.

Missar and Abigail continue to talk about Lina’s new nickname, and they also mention that her “Eastern” features might be prominent. Lina says that she was wearing a mask so it shouldn’t be problem, but the other girls say that such a beautiful face can’t be hidden by such a small mask, which makes Lina embarrassed again. Abigail says that the nickname “Beautiful Girl Magic Guardian Plasma Lina” would be a suitable name for the heroine. Missar agrees that Plasma Lina is a good addition. Lina completely gives up trying to stop these two.

◇ ◇ ◇

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