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Beta Trident
Systematic Magic
Known Users
Shiba Tatsuya
Related Spells
Baryon Lance

Beta Trident (ベータ・トライデント, lit. Beta Decay Dispersion Trident) is a Decomposition Magic. [1] A magic that decomposes matter into protons and neutrons and furthers neutron beta decay. As a first step, decomposing substances into atoms, decomposing atomic nuclei into protons and neutrons. The second step, the separation of electrons and anti-electron neutrinos from neutrons. The third step, while the magical effect lasts, protons can't capture the electrons separated from the neutrons, and most of the electrons diffuse into a plasma state with the protons. As a result, the radioactive isotope is converted to a stable element and the toxicity is removed. [1]

It was produced as a prototype in the development process of Baryon Lance, but Tatsuya thought that the burden is too great that it couldn't be used in combat. The Activation Sequence is large enough that it entirely occupies the storage of a specialized-type CAD, taking 5 seconds to read, and the construction of the Magic Sequence takes time depending on the scale of use. [1]


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