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Baryon Lance
A Class
Single Target
Known Users
Shiba Tatsuya
Related Spells
Beta Trident

Baryon Lance (バリオン・ランス) is a magic developed that uses the Free After Execution (FAE) theory in relation to the unique FAE weapon Brionac of USNA's Angie Sirius. The Baryon Lance is made from a carbon-steel attachment that protrudes from the end of one of Tatsuya's Silver Horn Custom Trident CAD's. It resembles an over-sized, blunt bayonet. Once the Magic Sequence is activated, the atomic nuclei of the attachment are split into Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Following the theory of FAE, the shackle of the physical laws is reduced for the decomposed swarm of particles which under normal law of nature should have dispersed are instead clustered into a thin disc-shape. The electric charge of proton captures the electrons: lepton which is not a determined target of Decomposition. Once released, the Baryon particles travel to the target at a speed in excess of 10,000 km/s, which is far faster than any magic available to defend against it. The end result is that targeted materials are shot with high temperature Baryon particles at a speed no current magic can defend against. Tatsuya then uses Regrowth to repair the attachment to original condition. [1]


  1. Volume 16, Chapter 7

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