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Outer-Systematic Mental Interference
Area of Effect
Known Users
Nakajou Azusa
Related Spells
Luna Strike
One Command

Azusayumi (梓弓) is an Informational Manipulative Outer-Systematic Type Magic that can clamp down panic and is most effective when used towards a group of people.

It is Azusa's unique Mental Interference Magic that was used in the conference hall in Yokohama during the Scorched Halloween event.

It is described as some sort of a hallucinatory sound, a subconscious sound of the tides, and waves of Pushions, which makes the affected people's consciousness concentrate on it, putting them into a trance.

The effect of the magic only lasts for a mere three seconds, but is said to be sufficient enough to gather a crowd's full attention.

Azusa revealed that the pendant of her necklace is the core component of a CAD that was designed to support exactly one type of magic, in which only one Activation Sequence has been recorded, which forms a miniature magic staff which she uses to activate Azusayumi.

In the anime, it becomes a bow rather than a staff, and Azusa must pull and release the bow string back to activate the magic.


Azusayumi (In Crystal Form)


  • An Azusayumi is a sacred bow normally used in ceremonial dances by Shinto priests, and supposedly has the ability to fix damaged or distorted minds.


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