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Art of the Sage is an Ancient Magic technique. It has no detailed description in the Light Novel, but it is mentioned that it can be used to control Psions.

When Nakajou Azusa held her campaign speech in the AD 2096 Student Council President election, a disturbance broke out in the audience which caused Shiba Miyuki to lose control over her magic. The situation was quickly defused by Shiba Tatsuya, but the actual action stopping Miyuki's rampaging Psions left Saegusa Mayumi, Watanabe Mari, Juumonji Katsuto, and most probably everyone else present, baffled.

Later, during Katsuto's farewell visit to the Student Council office, the incident became a topic of discussion. Mari tried to use Art of the Sage as a plausible explanation at that time.

It doesn’t matter how good someone is at External Systematic Magic, it doesn’t matter if they are blood relations, can someone really manipulate someone else’s Psions that easily? At that time they were completely out of Miyuki’s own control; that’s another matter for consideration, but...

These were a list of Mayumi’s concerns.

Wasn’t that one of his ancient magic techniques? I think that there is an ‘Art of the Sage’ that is excellent for controlling Psions... Mari put forth her guesswork as an answer; however,

No, no matter how well an ancient magic technique is mastered, it takes time to put it in motion. The Art of the Sage you’re talking about is an extremely time consuming system of magic.

Katsuto indirectly refuted Mari’s guess with a “that doesn’t explain everything” type of answer.

—Mari, Mayumi and Katsuto discussing the election speech incident, Volume 5, Summer Holiday, Presidential Elections and the Queen


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