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Anna Rosen Katori

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Character Name
Full Name Anna Rosen Katori
Kanji アンナ・ローゼン・鹿取
Furigana アンナ・ローゼン・かとり
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Female
Novel Volume 10, Chapter 10 (Mentioned)

Anna Rosen Katori (アンナ・ローゼン・鹿取) is Chiba Erika's mother.


Anna is half-German in due part thanks to her relation to the Rosen. [1] Anna is also half-Japanese because her father eloped with a Japanese women when he shook off his parent’s opposition and fled to Japan, thus severing ties. When Anna got together with her lover, her mother's family, the Katori (鹿取) also hadn't approved of her relationship with him. [2]

Having been a lover to the head of the Chiba Family, she never took on the name Chiba even after his lawful wife died. Since Erika's birth the two had been living in a building separate from the rest of the Main House. Due to this her daughter hadn't been allowed to take the name "Chiba Erika" until she passed away, even then not until she took the High School Entrance Exam was she permitted to have the name 'Chiba Erika'. [1]


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