Ancient City Insurrection (I)
Release Date September 10, 2014
ISBN ISBN-13 978-4048668606
On Cover Sakurai Minami, Shiba Miyuki
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Ancient City Insurrection Chapter (I) is the 14th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.

With that, hope we'll meet again in the next volume,「Ancient City Insurrection Chapter」. Hope you can also patronize both the comics and anime.

Volume 13 Afterword


Zhou Gongjin who was the mastermind of what happened in the "Parasite Doll" incident of "Nine Schools Competition" has fled from Yokohama, to the area of the original ancient magic users group centered around Kyoto also known as the "traditionalists".

Since then two months have passed -
The "National High School Magic Thesis Competition" will soon be held. This year's Thesis Competition is being held in Kyoto sponsored by the Magic Association and in their conference hall. Tatsuya gets visited by the Kuroba twins who as representatives bring Yotsuba Maya's letter to him. The letter is a request from his aunt saying - "hope your cooperation to capture Zhou Gongjin".

While it is questionable that whether it is a "command" rather than a "request", Tatsuya and Miyuki go to Kudou's house as they are in the center as opponents of the "traditionalists". So, two siblings have an encounter of the fate with the "Genius Augmented Magician”.......

Conspiracy of the ancient city was the stage. The fate that has continued to smolder away in the back of the history of magician development, Tatsuya and Miyuki and his companions are challenged.


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