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Alfred Fomalhaut


Character Name
Full Name Alfred Fomalhaut
Furigana アルフレッド・フォーマルハウト
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation First-Lieutenant (Stars)
Ability Name Pyrokinesis
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1

Alfred Fomalhaut (アルフレッド・フォーマルハウト) was a First-Class Star Magician who served in the USNA's Magician Unit "Stars". He held the rank of First-Lieutenant. His nickname was "Freddie". [1]


He was someone who received the First-Class Star of Honor. He became one of the fugitives that deserted the military and was later hunted down and executed by Major Angie Sirius in a street corner of Dallas Texas; in accordance with the special provision granted under the federal military law and authority as the Head-Captain of Stars. [1]



Pyrokinesis (バイロキネシス) is a fire starter ability that isn't Modern Magic, but is considered to be a special power that was once known as a Superpower. [1]


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