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Agata Kenshiro

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Character Name
Full Name Agata Kenshiro
Kanji 県 謙四郎
Furigana あがた・けんしろう
Personal Info
Gender Male
School First High School
Year/Course Year 3 Course ? - AD 2096
Novel Volume 13, Chapter 1

Agata Kenshiro (県 謙四郎) is a student of First High School, and Chief of the Mountaineering Club.


He allows Tatsuya to join in on club activities in exchange for him doing the club's CAD's. He is very driven and enjoys making his subordinates work hard for him. He is impressed by how energetic Leo is, and enjoys making Minami pour warm water over the faces of those of his club members who are collapsed on the floor. [1]


  1. Volume 13, Chapter 1

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