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Strategic-Class Magic
Movement Type
Area of Effect
Known Users
Itsuwa Mio
Related Spells

Abyss (深淵) is a Movement Type Magic that has its own classification, Fluid Control. The magic can create a spherical depression in water with a diameter up to several kilometers and a depth of up to a kilometer. Ships caught in the zone would be pulled down the walls of the water, then upon cancellation of the magic, would be swallowed up by the massive waves as the water returned to a horizontal plane. The depth of the sphere allows for the destruction of submarines as well.

It can also be used on subterranean ground water, allowing it to destroy any structures on top of it. This magic is theoretically capable of destroying fleets with a single use, earning it, its classification as a Strategic-Class Magic.


Abyss is completely powerless against attacks from the air because Abyss cannot be used to attack enemies in the sky. Also Abyss can only be used to manipulate water, which means that it is powerless if used on land unless the caster knew beforehand that there is a subterranean source of water that the magic can be cast on.

Also Abyss with its great attack range may possibly damage allies unintentionally like other Strategic-Class Magic.


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